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Choosing a Furniture Throw

Furniture throws are a useful change for people looking to redecorate on a budget. A throw can provide a new splash to any living room.  It is a trick that many designers use to enhance the look and provide finish to a room.  Throws typically bring things together in room if done right by bridging colors and tends to bring a cozy feeling to a room. 

Botanica Collection Dupioni Golden Silk Throw
Furniture Throw: A gorgeous addition to any living space.  A luxurious Dupioni silk throw from the Botanica home decor collection.  Click Here to order

One thing that furniture throws can do for a room is bring contrast.  If your room is a neutral color, you can really add some vivid colors into the decor fast with a change in furniture throws.  On the other hand, a bright colored room can be muted somewhat by a neutral colored throw.

Change throws according to seasons & just your own whims.  Go for darker colors like burgundy, gold, or dark green in the winter to bring out the feeling of warm coziness.  In summer, switch to light colors maybe like beige, light blue, light yellow, etc.  Whatever is pleasing to your senses.   

Don't forget that many throws also have a pattern to them.  Try experimenting with printed patterns such as checked, striped, floral, or even polka dotted!  Be creative and think outside the lines in what you might like. Great thing about a throw is that it can be changed out very cheaply. 

Fabric throws not only create colorful accents for any room, but can also be strategically placed to cover worn or stained spots on your furniture.  This provides a valuable cover up to make your furniture look more pristine.

Also, needless to mention, a furniture throw makes for a comfortable source of warmth for cozying up to a book by the lamp or TV at night.  The feeling of the throw blanketing your legs while you sit and eating popcorn near a blazing winter fire, will bring great memories.  Memories of contentment and comfort in addition to changing the look of a room that these unique accessories obviously bring to a room. 

By Chris Chandler
As Is Furniture

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